SuperShuttle Save Lives Through LLLC™ Training

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Mark G. Gardner leading the SuperShuttle LLLC Instructor Certification workshop.

MACEDONIA, Ohio – March. 17, 2017 – Avatar Management Services, Inc. (Avatar) welcomed nearly three dozen professionals from nationally renowned airport transportation company, SuperShuttle, for a two-day defensive driving workshop at their corporate offices.

For Avatar, this marked the largest LLLC Instructor Certification event in the history of the 26-year-old company. LLLC (pronounced Triple-L-C) stands for Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate. They are the Four Principles to Driving Safely Avatar uses in all of their professional driver training. SuperShuttle, in partnering with Avatar, graduated nearly thirty brand-new LLLC Instructors, who now have the ability to certify drivers in their own organization.

“I went in thinking this was going to be just like my biology class in college,” Darren Meyer, Safety Specialist at SuperShuttle, said, “but it wasn’t at all like your typical standardized training environment.” The workshop was led by Mark G. Gardner, founder of Avatar and the visionary behind LLLC, covered theories and principles on adult-learning as well as safety and risk. The event culminated in several hours of Behind the Wheel (BTW) driving led by expert LLLC Defensive Driving instructors. Meyer commented, “For the amount of time we spent here, it’s much more in-depth than I anticipated.”

From a driver’s standpoint, LLLC is as easy to remember as it is to apply. The Four Principles are quickly memorized and give straightforward actions that drivers can use in their everyday life. Terrance Wilson, recent LLLC Instructor graduate, said, “It’s going to save lives, period.”

The workshop opened with emotional comments from Gardner and Michael Humm, the Director of Safety at SuperShuttle. Their passion for safety set the tone immediately. “For over three decades, my mission has been to make the world a safer place,” Gardner said. “When you have as much experience in the transportation industry as I do, you see tragedy first hand. LLLC helps our clients and their professional drivers avoid accidents. These benefits extend to every person out on the road with them.”

Michael Humm made it clear that his goals were in alignment with Gardner’s. “Whenever we have an opportunity to improve our accident frequencies, we not only impact our own operation, but we impact the people we share the road with every day.” He says that being LLLC instructors will empower them to do so.

“I’m grateful to work with forward-thinking companies like SuperShuttle, who are just as passionate about saving lives as I am,” Gardner said. “This event was one of the greatest things to happen to both companies in a long while.”

About Avatar

Avatar Management Services, Inc is a professional services organization dedicated to making the world a safer place through education and training for the transportation industry. During the last 25 years, Avatar’s designs have been used by hundreds of leading firms to improve the safety performance of for more than one million employees. In fact, Avatar’s steady growth has led to the creation of three successful subsidiaries: TAPTCO, Inc., AvatarFleet, LLC and The School Bus Safety Company, each providing safety improvement tools and outcome-based training to their respective niche markets.