“Avatar has been an enormous help in assisting the entities to standardize and implement high level processes and practices in the many facets of operating an efficient company. These include recruitment, selection and hiring, training of every kind, and management development, etc. With your help, our losses were $15 million below budget, on an expected basis.

We were so pleased with your work we introduced Avatar to the other members of our group. They too have fully utilized and benefited from your assistance in all the same areas.

I believe Avatar’s greatest strength is working with large organizations that require high.”

“Avatar analyzed our business and identified several opportunities to implement best practices to achieve better performance in our operation. They helped us write and implement standardized policies across all of our operating locations. They developed custom education and training materials for all of our major employee groups. In just a few months, they helped us build a solid foundation of business practices and have continued to help us refine the processes that influence our people. Avatar is our strategic partner and consistently performs beyond our expectations.”

“The enormity of our project required that we had a partner we could work well with and we trusted. The training strategy Avatar developed was nothing short of amazing. Avatar’s approach was multifaceted, exciting, fun and most importantly, effective!”

“Avatar not only helped us with our best practices review, but they also helped us write our formal plan. They created and helped us implement an ongoing change management plan to reduce resistance in the field. And, they developed a dozen different custom-branded processes for recruiting, hiring and training that we put in place at all 560 locations.”

“Hi Mark, I like to read all of your posts. Why? Because I know you are on an authentic journey and not just to sell services. Avatar and your team always reflected your leadership and core values in terms of making a giant impact and positive change. Thank you very much.”

“Avatar analyzed our operation, met with our people and identified potential points of resistance and then created effective communications to break down resistance. Next, they produced professional education and training materials, using a blended approach, to help our people master new technologies and implement new business processes. This large-scale project was at the forefront of our business plan and was under the constant scrutiny from our executive team, shareholders and Wall Street analysts. Failure had never been an option and with Avatar’s help this project was an incredible success.”

“Avatar created professional, high-quality tools focused on measurable learning objectives. Avatar was our one-stop partner. We rolled the course out across 20 different countries, where it received rave reviews. I highly recommend Avatar as a partner in developing and implementing any major change initiative.”

“Avatar helped us standardize our labor relations policies and procedures. They produced effective front-line leadership training that improved employee relations and reduced our exposure to union organizers. They even created campaign materials we used to successfully maintain our union-free status.”

“Avatar is highly creative and very professional. I know of no other company quite like them. Their unique blend of safety and instructional design expertise, combined with their media production capabilities positions them to effectively tackle large-scale initiatives for major companies like ours.”

“I was fortunate to see, use and help produce some of the training programs Avatar developed for us.  I can vouch for their quality of work, professionalism and creativity; which helped Republic Services make a tremendous impact on their most costly accidents.”

“I’d like to share with you the fact that Baker Hughes has had a drastic reduction of preventable motor vehicle accidents in 2015 compared to 2014 rates and that the Avatar training materials has played a huge part in making that achievable.”

“I highly recommend Avatar as a partner in developing and implementing any major change initiative. Avatar created professional, high-quality tools focused on defined and measurable learning objectives, serving as our one-stop partner. We chose Avatar because of their unique, professional capabilities, and also because we realized that achieving a transformation in customer service was an on-going organizational change initiative, not an event. We required a customized approach to learning rather than an off-the-shelf program in order to achieve our intended outcomes.”

“Avatar created our recruitment program, hiring and selection program, safety leadership program and all the required driver training programs to enable us to deliver safe business practices. We understood that the removal of unsafe behaviors by every driver, and throughout our operations, was fundamental to our business objectives. The combination of Management commitment and Avatar’s expertise resulted in a reduction in accident frequency rates in excess of 28% with actual loss savings exceeding $12 MM per annum over the most recent six years.”

“I highly recommend Avatar and to any organization pursuing improved performance results. Their unique blend of industrial-organizational psychology, instructional design, and media production expertise position them to create solutions that are outcome-based and focused on your key issues in your diverse environments. Avatar’s customized approach was integral to achieving the success we experience today, which includes much better staffing levels, regular response time compliance, and much good press!”

“Until now, safe driver training was not interesting, entertaining or exciting. Times have changed and now the AVATAR program, when facilitated by one of our own safety analysts/instructors, provides an atmosphere of learning and laughter that helps those in attendance better retain the information. This program provides high-quality, behavior-based professional driver education and training materials that engage drivers on the proper defensive driving procedures. One of my favorite modules is the Triple LC (LLLC) -Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room and Communicate. Now say that out loud to yourself three times, then repeat each time you get into your vehicle. This will help you remember and apply these safe principles behind the wheel.”