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Custom vs Generic Training: 2 Sides of The Same Coin

First Things First When considering to invest in a training program, an organization usually has a few different options. First, you must decide between creating the training in-house or outsourcing to 3rd party. This article is focused on the outsourcing option. Since most organizations don’t have the capabilities of creating training programs, they choose to contract […]

Pedestrians & Cyclists: Friends or Foes?

Pedestrians are out there. Riding, walking, crossing, not paying attention. Pedestrians and cyclists share the road with us each and every day. They don’t know the dangers they pose and frankly don’t care a whole lot. They pose a great threat to any driver and one could be standing behind you right now! As any driver […]

Proactive Safety: No Magic Pill

There’s No Magic Pill for Safety As employees in or owners of transportation companies, you know very well that accidents happen. There’s no magic pill that will make your drivers accident-proof. As technology has advanced, so has safety with the advent of the seat belt, air bag, anti-lock/ABS brakes, crumple zones etc. Even as I’m […]

“Health” Year Resolutions: Take Off A Few Pounds

It’s that time of year again when we resolve to improve ourselves and our health for the New Year. One of the biggest challenges we have in transportation is health-related: keeping the extra pounds off. That applies to office staff as well as drivers. Too much weight can lead to major diseases such as diabetes, […]

Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

What is a Healthy Lifestyle…on the Road? The work life of your typical truck driver is not glamorous. It usually involves long hours on the road alone. Cross country haulers specifically have a job that not everyone can do. To be able to drive for long periods of time, day and night, through adverse weather […]

Risk Homeostasis, Driver Safety and Football

What is Risk Homeostasis? You may have heard the word homeostasis at some point and you definitely have heard the word risk before. Put the two together and what exactly do they mean? Well, let’s start with risk. Risk is the possibility of suffering harm or loss. Homeostasis is the tendency toward a relatively stable […]

Driver Safety Training, What’s it Cost?

If you’re reading this paper, you most likely have some interest in creating, investing in or improving your driver safety training program. No matter which of these reasons caused you to start your research, you can rest assured you’re doing a good thing. Driver safety is very important for companies for many reasons. Any company […]