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Why Do People Have Accidents?

  It’s the end of January in Northeast Ohio and winter weather is doing its worst. Driving into work, I experience flash whiteouts, snow packed down slick on the road, and ice that can make an all-wheel drive pick-up do a pirouette. It more than doubles my commute. And, just when I think it can’t […]

How To Build a Safety Strategy

What is Safety? The word safety is powerful, persuasive, and always on everyone’s mind. We all make decisions based on our idea of safety every day. It’s safer to lock my house at night. It’s safer to use my blinker when merging. The safe bet is to buy tickets for an event in advance. If […]

300:29:1 – What’s the Meaning?

300:29:1 = Not Your Morning Coffee Every day when leaving for work, a middle-aged father backs his car out of the driveway.  He’s been doing it for so long that it comes as naturally as sipping his morning coffee. He puts his foot on the brake, puts the car in reverse, and seamlessly turns the […]

“Drive” Winter Safety – Show You Care

We’re already starting to see winter-like weather across the country and it will spread in the next few months. Our safety experts say that the greatest risk of losing traction is on snowy, wet roads when temperatures are between 22 and 35 degrees. Winter safety for our drivers, both driving and working around their vehicle, […]