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ADA: Too Much or Not Enough?

  The U.S. government has rules for how to follow rules. It has departments under bigger departments, and more policies in place for public companies and services than most people realize. This isn’t to complain, but to state a fact. And in July of 2015, the government added a new law. The Department of Transportation […]

Backing is the G.O.A.L

We have a saying here at the office, and you might have heard it before: parked cars don’t have accidents. If you back into a parked car, it’s your fault and yours alone (not to mention, it’s embarrassing). Backing accidents are some of the most common that occur. The kicker? They’re the most easily preventable. […]

Seat Belts – The Great Debate

Think back to when you were in school and studied basic physics. Or, if you never did, here’s a free physics lesson. There’s a principle related to Newton’s laws of motion called inertia. Inertia is an object’s tendency to resist changes in motion. So, if something isn’t moving, it’s going to resist being moved. On […]

The Ten Commandments of Adult Learning: Why is Learning Hard Work?

The more we learn, the easier learning gets, right? That makes sense, but it’s not necessarily true. Claude Messier—a physiology professor of the University of Ottawa— was quoted in an article published by the Scientific American saying that “the brain is a lazy bum.” Let me give that some context. The article reports that the brain runs on about twelve […]

Four Defensive Driving Principles

The LLLC Defensive Driving Principles™ Many people talk about defensive driving, but not many know exactly what it is. So, let’s talk specifics. True defensive driving boils down to behaviors, and we’ve created an easy-to-remember mnemonic to define four principles and behaviors that are essential defensive driving habits. It’s called The LLLC Defensive Driving Principles™, but we […]

Pedestrian and Cyclist Awareness – Watch Out

Some of the most dangerous interactions on our roadways are those involving cars and a pedestrian or cyclist. According to the Washington Post, approximately 700 cyclists are killed in collisions with cars and 45,000 are injured every year. The numbers are even more staggering for a pedestrian. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports […]

Speeding and Social Norms

Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law Speeding might be the most common law broken. We’ve all been guilty at one point or another and it’s a common place occurrence that’s practically expected of drivers. Most of us can’t stand to drive behind someone who is coasting anywhere near the posted speed limit. So what do we do? […]