How to Host Safety Training Online

Traditional safety and driver training happens in the classroom, or behind the wheel, and is led by an instructor. These are both important aspects of an effective safety training program, but they aren’t your only options. Save time, money, and resources by moving your safety training online.

Learning Management System – The Cornerstone of Online Training

If you want to host safety training online, you need a learning management system (LMS).

An LMS is the most important tool for any organization looking to invest in online training. It is a software tool companies use to develop, deliver, host, and track training for their employees.

With an LMS, you can:

  • Store and organize all of your company’s training courses/materials in one place
  • Communicate with everyone in the system with a few clicks
  • Automatically assign training to various employee groups
  • Track usage and run reports

From your drivers’ side of things, an LMS allows them to:

  • Access training courses from anywhere with an internet connect
  • Access training courses on any smart device or computer
  • Engage with activities and exercises within the training course
  • Take training on their own schedule

Moving your training online with a learning management system has benefits for everyone involved.

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Online Instructor-Led Training

We mentioned that traditional learning is usually instructor-led. Believe it or not, moving your training online actually makes this model of employee training easier.

With typical instructor-led training, you rely on your team to:

  • Create PowerPoints
  • Find YouTube videos
  • Develop questions and activities

This is an inefficient process that is not guaranteed to produce valuable learning outcomes.

Instead, you can use an LMS to host all of your training courses and videos. This allows your instructors to easily access the required training material whether they’re hosting an in-person training session or doing it over Zoom.

Then, you can go into the system and quickly record everyone who attended the training.

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Online Self-Directed Training

This is the most powerful training option you unlock with an LMS.

A learning management system allows you to assign online self-directed training to your employees.

Self-directed training is an extremely useful option for most companies. With self-directed training, you can:

  • Assign essential safety and driver training at the point of hire
  • Conduct follow-up and refresher training on an automated schedule
  • Assign remedial training after an accident or incident

Self-directed training has powerful learning outcomes for adult learners. Adult learners want to feel in control of the learning process. They want to be able to take training on their own time and schedule. And, they don’t want to be struggling to stay awake in a classroom.

Not only does self-directed training have great outcomes, but it’s cheaper too. When you implement self-directed training, you can avoid paying instructors and skip the headache of trying to get everyone together in the same place.

When implementing online self-directed training, we recommend:

    • Communicate your expectations to your employees. Tell them up front how important this training is, what they stand to gain from it, and when they need to complete it. Be crystal clear.
  • Assign training at the point of hire. Show that your company cares about safety. Ask that your employees complete their online self-directed training before even showing up for their first day. This makes the orientation and onboarding process smoother and saves your instructors time.
  • Pay your employees for their time. Offer some type of stipend for completion of training. This sets a good precedent for your employees and encourages them to complete the training and not just walk out the door.

Modernize Your Training Program

Regardless of how you handle training today, moving your training online will improve it.

You will benefit from better learning outcomes, better results, and quicker training time – all while spending less time, money, and resources on training than ever before.

If you want to learn more about how to implement online driver training, book a free consultation with us at this link.