The Benefits of a COVID-19 Training Video

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From March to present, movie theaters have remained closed. Stores are struggling to keep up with increased demand for home goods. Many ICU’s are running out of beds. Truck drivers are dealing with closed rest-stops. Transit bus companies have seen a huge dip in riders. No matter who you are, COVID-19 has no doubt impacted your business. It won’t be like this forever, and some businesses are seeing their customers returning with a post-quarantine rise in demand for goods and services. The problem is, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere. How can you help ensure your employees’ safety as they return to work? A COVID-19 training video could be the answer.

The Benefits of a COVID-19 Training Video

Your business may be experiencing a rise in demand, but things are far from “business as usual.” Ignoring the risk of infection could be disastrous to your business. Not to mention, it’s irresponsible and puts your employees, you, and countless others at risk of contracting COVID-19. You have to take control of the situation and stop the spread of the virus. A COVID-19 training video is a great way to do so.

With a training video on COVID-19, you and your employees will benefit from:

  • A centralized location for all COVID-19 risk-reduction procedures
  • The pertinent risk-prevention information readily available, while filtering out the nonsense
  • Out-come based learning that will reduce people’s risk of spreading the virus
  • Peace of mind that your company is taking action against the spread of the virus

Should You Go Custom or Generic? 

The benefits of a COVID-19 training video are clear. However, you have to ask yourself one important question that most people overlook. Should you use a custom or generic video?

A generic video is one that already exists. It was created to be universal enough to apply to many different companies. It may even work across different industries. A custom video, however, is one made specifically for your company. It will say, show, and teach exactly what you want it to.

There are pros and cons for each. Keep these benefits in mind when choosing what type of training video suits your needs:

–          Cost-effective

–          Readily available

–          Easy to implement

–          Specialized content

–          Often leads to better learning

–          Show your own people, products, and locations in the video

If you’re interested in custom video lessons, please contact us here.

It’s Not Too Late to Take Action

The virus has been impacting the entire world for the better part of the year. Even so, if you’re still in business, it’s not too late to take action. Protect your employees today by investing in a COVID-19 training video. Some resources towards prevention today could keep you in business tomorrow. Better yet, it could save lives.