How to Spread Your Safety Message to a Remote Workforce

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Safety Meeting Remotely

With your employees working from home and spread all across your city, county, or even state, there are obvious challenges to conducting safety meetings. Even if your employees are considered essential, there’s social distancing to take into account. Putting your employees in danger for a safety meeting seems counterproductive. So, how do you spread your essential safety message while working within World Heath Organization and governmental guidelines?

Creative Ways to Do Safety Remotely

Here are five creative ways you can use to keep your safety message front and center for your employees without putting them at risk for exposure to COVID-19:

  1. Move your training to an LMS

With the potential for a lull in job duties, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase safety training. Move your content to a Learning Management System so your employees can access training remotely.

  1. Schedule (and stick to) digital safety meetings

Set a schedule for digital safety meetings. Ask that everyone joins with video (if possible) to make it more personal. Once you set the schedule, stick to it. Leading up to meetings, make sure to express how important these meetings are. Send emails, texts, and make phone calls if necessary. Everyone should know when it is and why it’s happening.

  1. Safety discussion boards

Engagement is more than reaching out to your employees. You need to get them involved. Open up discussions on safety issues to your whole company. Encourage participation. Most LMS’s have a feature that allows for group discussion.

  1. Digital weekly safety tips

If you have employees still completing essential tasks, it’s important they do so safely. Send out two safety tips every week via email blasts: one about on-the-job safety and one about protecting yourself from infection. If you want the most success with the safety tips, ask follow-up questions on them during meetings. Let your employees know you expect them to read the tips and take them to heart.

  1. Safety Contests

Nothing gets people excited like a contest. Set-up safety contests and offer a prize to the winner. For example, you could create a quiz related to safety, conduct it over the LMS, and offer a gift card to the people with the top three scores.