The Importance of Online Training During Home Quarantine

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Online Training During Home Quarantine

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It’s an anxious and uncertain time for communities, families, and individuals all across the globe. It’s also a time of uncertainty for businesses. Trading has temporarily stopped after S&P dropped more than eight percent. In China last month, car sales dropped a record eighty percent. A major dip in consumerism is causing small businesses to close temporarily, or perhaps even permanently. Health concerns will always come first, but clearly, the new virus is wreaking its toll on the market as well. Depending on your needs, online training could solve challenges that COVID-19 presents your business.

No Time to Sit on Your Hands

A pandemic requires action and certain sacrifices. Ohio announced on March 15th that restaurants and bars would close, only allowing carry-out. Similarly, many people in the workforce are choosing to work remotely and self-quarantine in their homes. Others are just completely out of work.

These are necessary precautions people are taking to avoid an even worse situation in the weeks to come. What about your workforce? Are you able to completely shut down and wait this out? It’s not an option for some. If you don’t want to sit on your hands at the mercy of this pandemic, you can keep your wheels moving by switching to online self-directed training.

What is Online & Self-Directed Training?

Traditional training takes place in a classroom, is led by a facilitator, and involves group activities and discussions. There are many pros to this, but it’s not your only option. Online self-directed training is a great alternative.

Via a learning management system (LMS), it’s possible and easy to move training online. Avatar’s LMS allows learners to access training and educational content from anywhere in the world via their phones, computers, or other smart devices.  Self-directed lessons are taken on the learner’s time, at their own pace, and do not require group interaction.

The Benefits of Online Training

The Center for Disease Control and other world leading health organizations recommend practicing social distancing and even self-quarantine when possible. Companies can encourage and support social distancing by utilizing online self-directed training. However, there are many benefits to this educational method that go beyond personal health:

  • The learner defines the time and place for maximum learning.
  • It’s more cost-effective than classroom training.
  • It can be delivered consistently regardless of time or place.
  • It can be scaled to an infinite size and repeated endlessly.

Protect Your Workforce While Moving Forward

People’s health has to come before any business need during this pandemic. However, we can protect our employees while still progressing and growing businesses. Moving to online self-directed learning allows you the flexibility to educate and train your workforce while keeping them safe and following protocols from the Center of Disease Control and other world-leading organizations of health.

We offer access to our LMS along with our library of training for heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles, leadership development, and more. Contact us today if you’re interested in online self-directed training.