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Distracted Driving – Stay Focused

One could argue that, for most people, we become worse drivers the more we drive. Specifically, we become complacent. We forget how dangerous driving is and it becomes just another part of our day. That’s because the better we become at a skill, the more likely we’re able to do it without much thought. That’s […]

Orientation Your Way – Not the Dollar Menu

Let’s face it, new employee orientation comes in as many different shapes and sizes as there are fast food joints. Like a fast food menu at midnight, sometimes you don’t know what you want or even need. Some companies offer little guidance at the beginning. The new employee is expected to “sink or swim.”  Other organizations follow […]

Boxes, Bananas, and Customer Service

I went to the grocery store the other day for two reasons: to buy bananas and to see if they had some cardboard boxes I could take for storage. I walked up to customer service, planning to first ask about the boxes, and second to buy my bananas. The Customer Service Representative kindly called into […]

Key Questions for Driver Retention

When it comes to ensuring that your company continues to grow its team of drivers and retains its current drivers, it’s not only important to talk with new drivers but also current drivers and drivers leaving the company.  This allows for an open line of communication and in turn shows your drivers the “WIIFM” or what’s […]