Diebold Case Study


Diebold, Incorporated manufacturers security products, bank vaults, money dispensing machines and related items.  In an initiative to upgrade its automated administrative operations and address Y2K issues, Diebold implemented a Baan enterprise system to replace a variety of Legacy systems.


Avatar was charged with revamping the process used to teach all field employees the software architecture and the basic navigational skills needed to operate within Baan.  A Baan specialist previously taught the subject in a four-hour classroom session conducted at the home office.  Travel and labor costs were extraordinarily high, and for international needs, they were prohibitive.  With the accelerating roll out schedule, the instructor could no longer handle the demand.  Furthermore, end-users resisting change complicated the problem. While the old methods were ineffective, end-users were reluctant to learn new job processes as a result of Baan implementation.


Avatar designed, programmed and produced a self-directed CD-ROM, which presents the rationale for implementing Baan, its use, purpose, limitations and functions. Additionally, the course concludes with two custom skills development exercises where the student navigates screens that emulate the Baan interface. Lastly, support and encouragement is provided to the student through an artificial intelligence engine.


End-users were overwhelmingly accepting of the new training process, which helped ease the transition from the Legacy systems to Baan. The CD-ROM format enabled Diebold to save money by significantly reducing travel and trainer expenses.