Eaton Case Study


Eaton Aerospace is a leader in the development of hydraulic and motion control components and systems for the aerospace industry. With plants in 29 countries, it employs 64,000 people and has $13.0 billion in sales.


As a result of rapid growth, Eaton’s customer service practices were slipping, leading to dissatisfied customers. There are very few customers in the aerospace market and Eaton could not afford to lose any of them. Thus, the stakes were high.


Avatar created an entertaining and engaging outcome-based curriculum, using a blended approach to learning and built on an easy-to memorize four part mnemonic:

  • Know Your Customers
  • Be Proactive
  • Keep Your Promises
  • Create Value

The curriculum featured a series of self-directed courses, followed by a participatory workshop, built on a novel flight-related experience. Unlike anything that Eaton had seen before, Avatar produced a high fidelity simulation including a recreation of the interior of a Boeing 737. The classroom was arranged in rows like the interior of the plane. Invitations were boarding passes randomly assigning employees at all levels to either coach or first-class service. Facilitators dressed as 1950’s flight attendants. Lastly, participants received an in-flight magazine, safety card and magic cube. For content, Turbulence and In-Flight movies reinforced the need for change, and highlighted the four key principles.


In conclusion, the reactions to the change initiative were very overwhelmingly positive. As a result, Eaton employees, at all levels, became more aware of customer needs and customer service improved worldwide. Avatar’s turn-key approach included expert guidance, the design and development of high-quality management tools and custom-branded materials. Thus, Avatar was Eaton’s one-stop partner for change management and improved human performance.