MV Transportation Case Study

MV Transportation Background

MV Transportation has more than 15,000 employees and is the leading provider of safe and efficient transportation services to its passengers and the communities it serves. This is a service business, requiring very little capital investment. Instead, it relies on government-owned equipment and facilities and operates on a razor-thin margin. As a result, success in this business is based completely on safety results.


MV Transportation had to eliminate accidents, injuries and passenger mishaps.  To do so, it engaged Avatar to conduct a Compass™ Analysis across all operations and to recommend best practices with the goal of achieving World Class Safety.


During the past several years, MV Transportation has relied upon Avatar Management Services, Inc. to provide expert guidance and to design and develop effective, custom-branded, performance improvement strategies. Whether uncovered from the initial Compass™ Analysis or later in the partnership, with MV leaders, Avatar created:

  • The New Operator Development Course
  • The Instructor Certification Process
  • Advanced BTW Training & Certification
  • The Road Supervisor Course
  • Safety Leadership
  • The Monthly Safety Initiative – Defensive Driving
  • The Monthly Safety Initiative – Injury Prevention
  • The OHSA Compliance Process
  • Safety Alerts
  • LLLC™ Instructor Certification
  • The Manager’s Guide to World Class Safety Programs
  • The Platinum Connection Customer Service Course


During the past several years, Avatar worked in partnership with MV Executives to achieve best-in-class safety results.  While implemented at various points throughout the partnership, these integrated processes worked in tandem to help MV Transportation achieve continuous improvement, better safety results and lower loss costs. Thus, from engaging Avatar, MV became the stand-alone leader in private transit and paratransit services in America.

MV Transportation