ABB Bailey Controls Case Study


ABB Bailey Controls, Inc. manufactures industrial control equipment, I/O servers and related software products.  The company’s customers employ systems, process and industrial engineers, plant electricians, maintenance personnel and quality control technicians who are responsible for operating and maintaining products.


Historically, Bailey trained its customers to install, maintain and operate hardware and software using two methods. The first was a two-day classroom session conducted at Bailey’s training center by a Bailey trainer. The second, conversely, was a self-directed video-based course supported by a self- study workbook.

With two potential delivery methods, Baileys was doing more than most. Even so, Bailey’s Education Manager perceived a need for an updated version of this training program. The manager wanted one that would utilize an engaging method for delivering content, provide a mechanism for evaluating learning and reduce travel expenses.


Avatar created, programmed and produced a series of self-directed CD-ROMs, based upon the original video courses.  These programs allow Bailey customer employees to learn at their own pace, according to their own schedules.  Thus, each of the CDs features embedded questions, artificial intelligence, variable student feedback and a final exam. Additionally, supervisors are able to assess employee aptitude in the subject matter.


This approach allows supervisors to assess employees’ areas of expertise, as well as address those areas where there was a need for improvement and/or additional training.  In addition, the self-directed CD-ROM delivery system saved time and money, in terms of both down-time for travel and travel expenses.